Thursday, October 25, 2012

Postcards From Friends Worldwide

There's nothing more relieving than coming home, having a good sleep and getting a massage after an extreme holiday. But of course, finding postcards sent by friends worldwide lying on your office desk is also a treat. The following three postcards are from Postcrossing friends, while the other two are from my friends Ayu in South Korea and Dian in France. Thanks guys, you made my day!

From Russia with love. The picture is of Ivan the Great Bell Tower in the Moscow Kremlin complex sent by Gelenka (Elena). Spasiba, Elena!

This one from Sam100 in Taiwan. It's a painting of spring. Xie Xie, Sam100!

Anna from Belarus sent me this postcard that shows her country's culture and nature. Spasiba, Anna!

Ayu reminds me of happy moments in South Korea, especially Jeju island, with her postcard. Kamsanhamnida, Ayu!

Last but not least is postcard from Paris. Merci beaucoup Dian :)

P.S. Coming back to work a few days before pay day is also nice. Also, this week is a short week with Idul Adha tomorrow. It's triple happiness! Hope you have auspicious Idul Adha celebration! See you again on Monday!


  1. Akhirnyaaa, aku kira ga nyampe mba postcardnya. Hope you like it ^^

  2. Aku sukaaa. Terima kasih banget lho. Jadi pengen mendaki Halla-san :)