Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Spending Time Outside The Office

As you read this post, I'm taking several days off the office and heading to a higher ground (or probably a savannah if it continues to spew volcanic material, safety first!), a water adventure (not diving, though) and an island. Hope everything goes as planned!

Anyway, here are some snippets between my boss and I to entertain you while I'm on vacation. Because I know that some of you like these kind of posts :).

#1. There's A World, But Is There A Life? 
BEE: Guys, what are you doing at the office at this hour? Go home. The world is out there.
Me: Yes, the world is out there. But is there a life out there? I don't think so.
BEE: Hmm, you're right about that.

#2. Weekend Activities
BEE: What do you usually do on weekend?
Me: Household chores, like washing, ironing, cleaning up my room and the most important thing: sleeping. How about you?
BEE: I'm working from home.
Me: -_-

#3. Everybody's Taking Leave
Fith: Boss, I want to take leave in late October.
BEE: Ok, just make sure that everything is in place.
Me: Um, I also plan to take leave in mid October.
BEE: Again?
Me: Yes, again. Everyone has been taking leave, Boss. You should do it too.  

#4. Movie Night
Fith: We're going to see Ted. Want to join us?
BEE: No, it will be weird. I'm your boss and much older.
Fith: Don't worry, Boss. SRB is coming with us too.(SRB is a guy from another division and a bit older than Fith and I.-Editor, aka myself)
BEE: *laughing* No, thanks. Have fun, you guys.

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