Monday, September 3, 2012

Sindbad Restaurant

Now that we're far from Ramadan (sobs) and the first six days of Syawal, let's talk about food. I went to this Middle Eastern restaurant many moons back and just had the time to post it today. I had just realized that the last time I posted about food is in May.

Many Middle Eastern eateries in Jakarta are a bit seedy, with men of Arabian descent looking at me head to toe when I step into the restaurant. Sometimes it feels as if I'm doing something illegal. Is it not normal for a girl to eat in a restaurant? After all this is Jakarta, not a Middle Eastern city. 

Luckily, there is Sindbad. The patrons are mostly families and groups of work colleagues (you can tell this by their outfit), so the ambiance is more relaxed compared to those frequented by single male clients. This restaurant is located a mikrolet's short drive away from office and my boss likes the foods here. So it's only natural that when I told him I'd have lunch here with Fem and Fith, he gave permission and a list of things to buy.

Here are several dishes we had for lunch. And yes, as all Middle Eastern dishes come in big portion, it was a very big lunch.

Date juice. A treat amidst a very hot day. Completely replenish your energy. Definitely a must-try :)


I forgot the name of the dish. But I do remember how juicy the lamb meat was. 

The restaurant offers four types of rice: Indian-style briyani and kebuli, Yemen-style mandi and Saudi Arabian-style kabsah. The good thing in Sindbad is you can order two types of rice in one plate. Yay! I think these two are Kebuli and Mandi with chicken. The rice dish comes in lamb and chicken.

The dessert. Ummali. It's made from bread, milk and raisin. Yum-o.

The girls I had lunch with

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