Wednesday, September 19, 2012

...And They Live Happily Ever After. Maybe.

Sleeping Beauty recreated: A Canadian-Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko looks on at one of the Ukrainian women, dressed in white wedding gowns, who take turns sleeping on display in the museum for a couple of hours every day during his new art project called 'Sleeping Beauties' in The National Art Museum in Kiev, Ukraine, on Friday. Based on the fairytale 'Sleeping Beauty', the idea of the art-exhibition is for visitors to look at a sleeping girl, and, if they feel the urge, kiss her on the lips. If a sleeping beauty opens up her eyes she's obliged by a legal contract to marry the man. (Photographed by Efrem Lukatsky for AP, photo is found here, read the news here)

Since I've posted about the beast (tiger) in the last couple of days, let's talk about the beauty. Almost all children fairy tales end with Dame in Distress marrying the Prince Charming and "...and they live happily ever after", but that's not how it works in real life. I think it's time to rewrite those tales.

Meeting a person you fall in love with does not always end up with marriage. And even if it does, marriage does not always give the happily-ever-after effect. You'll most likely have arguments with your significant other, and it's normal because each person come from different families enforcing different values. Or perhaps you'll share the burden of your significant other's extended family (this conclusion is the result of watching too much infotaintment *sigh*).

Now that we're living in a modern era, everyone can have their own happy ending because happiness does not always come in the shape of a knight in a shining armor. Happiness is within you :).

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