Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week's Recap And Photo Dump

Hello darlings, how was your week? Hope you had a great time. After the Idul Fitri celebration on Aug. 19, my extended family held a gathering the next day. We had good food, funny conversations and took some family photos, as you can see below.

With my cousins

Uncles, aunties and M&D
Some of the funny conversations, among others, are as followed: 
#1.  Are You Jiyo's Girlfriend?
Situation: During the family gathering, M&D and I came a bit late. Everyone was already there, including a girl in green niqab* (face veil) sitting on the left side of Aunt C (all named are changed to protect the innocent). M was greeting each person, and stopped in front of Cousin Kiki, who was sitting on the right side of Aunt C.
M : Hello, is this Jiyo's girlfriend? (Jiyo is Aunt C's youngest son.- Editor, aka myself)
Aunt C : This is Kiki (Kiki is Aunt C's daughter and Jiyo's big sister.- Editor
M : Oh my God, look at how much you've changed! (kissing Cousin Kiki and then turning to the girl in green niqab) So this is Jiyo's girlfriend?
Aunt C : No, this is Diah (Diah is a cousin from another uncle. I have seven uncles from my mother's side. -Editor
Me : Are you okay, M?
* If you don't know the difference between hijab and niqab, just click here

#2. The Photo Session
Situation: During the family gathering, Cousin BowWow usually takes the photos. But since he was MIA on Monday, I became the accidental family photographer because I was the only person coming with a serious DSLR red camera.
Me : Let's take family photos! 
Cousins : Let's do it!
Uncles and aunties : Hmm, okay (reluctantly)
(After the whole family members congregated, I snapped the photo. Then Cousin-in-Law Rika suggested that the uncles and my mother should take a picture together)
Me : Could you move a bit to the left? I don't want to include the garage's blue door.
(They moved a bit to the left)
Me : Ok, now look to the camera and smile! Come on, give me your best pose. Cherry Belle pose, perhaps?
Uncle W : There are only two people who can boss around: the barber and the photographer.
Me : Hahaha. Ok, now let's take a picture of you guys and the spouses.
Aunt H : Wait a minute. Which one is my husband?

Taken after Idul Fitri prayer
I returned to work on Aug. 21 and only needed one hour to reach the office. Usually it takes me two hours. It's Jakarta at its best, enjoy it while you can. I wish it could go on like this forever. 

I took a train ride on Wednesday. And this was the situation. Graveyard. 

Jakarta has been seeing a very smooth traffic during its annual post-Idul Fitri days. While it's great to reach the destination quicker, it felt a bit eerie to roam the streets and only saw a few cars and motorcycles. Where is everybody? During these empty days, Jakarta doesn't feel like the city it's known to be: congested and polluted (the bad side) as well as dynamic and vibrant (the good side). 

Kaastengels cookies made by my colleague Permenkar's mother. Delicious.

The work load was still slow and my editor has been quite relaxed lately, it's been a great week. I even managed to watch Perahu Kertas (Paper Boat), a movie adaptation from Dewi Lestari's novel of the same title. It's about love story between Keenan, a boy who dreams to be a painter, and Kugy, a girl who wants to be a children book writer. Not a heavy-themed movie, but I was not in the mood for serious thoughts this week. The acting of two leading roles is so-so, but Tio Pakusadewo also plays in it! *swoon*

Remember this post? I harvested those papayas for Idul Fitri. Alhamdulillah.

Happy Friday!

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