Friday, August 17, 2012

Indonesia's Independence Day In Google Doodle

Taken from Google (of course)

Hello there! How's your day? I started the day by reporting about Indonesia's Independence Day celebration for a South Korea-based English language radio station TBS This Morning's Globetrotting session. Below is the first four paragraphs I reported.

Today is Indonesia's Independence Day, with the country celebrating its 67th anniversary. In Indonesia, the celebration of Independence Day is usually marked fun games organized by residents in their respective neighborhoods. 

Some of the games commonly played during the day are panjat pinang (greasy areca tree-climbing competition), balap karung (running-in-a-sack race) and makan kerupuk (cracker-eating contest).
 You can see balap karung and makan kerupuk in the Google Doodle above.

This year, the capital will likely see a quiet celebration as it falls in Ramadhan fasting month and just a few days before Idul Fitri, when everyone is busy preparing for the Islamic holiday or planning for their homecoming trip. During Idul Fitri, Jakarta turns into a ghost town as more than half of its 10 million residents leave for their hometowns.

This year’s Independence Day is the third time in a row it has been celebrated during Ramadhan. 

Hope you have a great day!

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