Monday, March 12, 2012

Remembering The 2011 East Japan Earthquake

Remember this photo? Taken by Asahi Shimbun daily's photojournalist Tsunenari Toshiyuki, it won the 2012 Holland World Press Photo. That photo and some 60 other photos about the impact of East Japan earthquake and tsunami that hit the region on March 11, 2011 are currently being displayed in Plaza Senayan's Atrium until March 18.

A collaboration of Asahi Shimbun daily, Mitsubishi Corporation, Japanese embassy in Indonesia, Jakarta Shimbun daily and The Jakarta Japan Club, the exhibition not only shows the extent of the disasters but also the spirit of the people to get back on their feet. Gambatte. 

Below are the photographs I took during the event.

Japanese people usually keep their emotion to themselves, but the exhibition brings out some of their most private feeling. In the photo above, the man lets go his emotion after he buried his grandmother. "Now, you are safe from earthquake and tsunami, grandmother," the man says. (Sorry for the crappy lighting, this one was taken by the pocket camera)

A photo of family was found underwater. The newspaper's journalist returned the photo and captured the happy expression of a family member. The tsunami had taken all photos she had.

The little girl was so happy to find her favorite book amidst the debris of what used to be her home.

Visitors can write supporting words on a piece of paper and hang it on an artificial cherry blossom tree

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