Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here's Hoping For You To Get Well Soon, Boss

With the changing season, people get sick. I've heard people sneezing and coughing behind the cubicles, some even had a change of voice. And then today the inevitable happened: Blue-Eyed Editor took a day off due to cold. While everyone wish for his recovery, I'd like to jot down several conversations we had that make me smile everytime I remember it.   

#1. Email
Situation: We are waiting for photo files from our sources
BE: If you want to forward me the photos, use my hotmail email address (then spells out said email address). Don't use the office email, because it will bounce.
Me: (write down carefully) Ok.
BE: Or my gmail, it's brucealmighty at gmail dot com
Me: (looks up and raises my eyebrows) You really have email with that name?
BE: (grins) No, I was joking
Me: -_-

#2. Put Her Back To Prison
Situation: BE was typing on his desk, Fith approached him.
Fith: Hi Boss, I'm free (read this as,"Give me more jobs." Yep, Fith is that dedicated, so unlike me)
BE: Ok, we're going to call police and put you back behind bars
Me: (overhearing from the adjacent cubicle) *suppress laughters*

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