Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cute Guy-Spotting

The police officer in question. Oh yes, give me a ticket for drooling, officer. Photo source: here

What can you deduce from Monday and Tuesday's posts? Both feature cute guys on vicinity, hahaha. It all started from a twit about a good-looking police officer (photo above). Even singer @sherinamunaf commented that she'd like to have tickets from him.

In my opinion, the picture on the right is his best angle. I mean, if I meet him posing like the photo on the left, the meeting would have left me with no impression. 

Anyway, the photo makes me realize that (1) we have many good-looking police officer there are many good-looking guys out there, (2) you just have to see them in a different angle. Actually, I'm referring to seeing a person as a whole package, not just the outer appearance. (Ah yes, this is the single me giving relationship advice :P) 

I've done my cute guy-spotting in the previous posts. Now it's all your turn! Take a look around and let me know if you find any good-looking guys in your neighborhood. Happy hunting! :)

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