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A Short Trip to Solo: 8-11 August 2018

Hello from Solo!

As I have mentioned in previous post, Singapore does not have many national holidays, so when there is one on the horizon (August 9 is Singapore National Day), I quickly submit my one-day leave request two weeks in advance. 

Although the leave was only for one day, I could get 4 days off, weekend included. Where to go? What should I do? I decided to visit my uni friend, Aneen, who has given birth to a cute baby girl with an even cuter name: Jantung Hati (Heart Liver).  I also wanted to visit Mbak Whied, another uni friend in Solo.

I booked my flight in Wednesday afternoon, just after finishing the day's work. I chose a Citilink flight that departed from Halim Perdanakusuma aiport, which is closer to home, so I did not need to rush. I had completed all the week's reports but one, because I can only analyze the data on Thursday, so I still brought my laptop. After struggling to put my laptop to my backpack, I gave up and decided to use Delsey cabin luggage. I placed my laptop inside and booked a Go-Car to the airport.

First time using a cabin luggage :)

I arrived in Solo on Aug. 8 afternoon and got picked up by Aneen and Jantung. I have decided to take things slow with a breastfeeding baby, so this trip's highlight is just culinary tour and catching up with my friends.

Nasi liwet (rice cooked with coconut milk, topped with shredded omelette, chicken and other options)

The next day,  Aneen took me to nDalem Kopi, a restaurant serving traditional dishes with a photo studio on the side. The photo studio uses a retro concept, in which customers could wear traditional garb. I just went there for the food.

Breakfast at nDalem Kopi. Left: rice with buntil and mangut, right: rice with buntil, gereh (salted fish) and egg.

After that, I met with Mbak Whied because Aneen should go back to work in Pasar Gedhe Solo. Mbak Whied took me to a small stall serving es dawet inside the market.

Es dawet selasih inside Pasar Gedhe Solo

Timlo Sastro near Pasar Gedhe Solo. This one has been around  since 1952.

Mbak Whied also took me to a klenteng nearby the market. When I visited, the klenteng was having a night show of wayang potehi. Although I was excited to go and see, I knew that it would be difficult to go out at night. So I just took pictures of the klenteng.


I told Mbak Whied that I needed to work for a few hours, so a restaurant with a strong Wi-Fi was compulsory. She directed me to Nini Thowong ice depot. So I worked there for around two hours, waiting for her picking up her daughter from school. The Wi-Fi is exceptionally great for work.

Es Nini Thowong, fruits topped with ice and chocolate sauce. This is also a legendary culinary spot, established since 1980.

On Friday, I met up with Mbak Whied again and we sampled iced coffee in Toko Kopi Podjok, which is located in one of the corners of Pasar Gedhe Solo. Seriously, this traditional market has some of the city's legendary culinary spots. I also bought 250gram of coffee (Rp 16.000).

Ground coffee and iced coffee to go. I forgot to bring a tumbler, but I did bring my stainless straw.

A short video on coffee grinding process in the shop

Toko Kopi Podjok's signature brand for sachet coffee is Angkring, but this one is already mixed with sugar. The one I bought (pictured next to iced coffee) was sugar-free.

Mie Pangsit Notosuman. This one is specifically labelled 'halal' by the owner.

It's noodle time! The eatery offers two sizes: the small portion and the regular. Pictured here is the small portion, because I was still full. 

On the last day in Solo, I wanted to buy lurik (traditional vertical striped fabric) in Pasar Gedhe (hahaha yes, again!). A piece of lurik is Rp 40,000, but then I found kebaya kutubaru (sold only Rp 45.000). It's too cheap to resist and I like the color. So I bought them both.

We also went to a factory outlet owned by Sritex fabric factory. The factory is known to make camouflage pattern fabric for the country's military force. So it features some clothing bearing the pattern. In fact, I found a cute knee-length hoodie coat with pixellated camo pattern, priced at Rp 125,000.   

Did I buy it? Wait, is that even a question?

The last meal before flight was Sate Kambing Pak Kasdi, whose the specialty menu was Sate Buntel (marinated minced meat put on skewer).

Lunch is served!

A few other stops before going to airport was the herbal drink vendor near Aneen's home and Serabi Notosuman. 

I bought tamarind juice at a herbal drink vendor near Aneen's home.

One of Solo's must-eat culinary is made fresh from the 'anglo'

See you again, Solo! The Javanese sentence means 'please don't forget me'.

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