Monday, April 9, 2018

Big Bad Wolf 2018

I've been wanting to visit Big Bad Wolf book sale event for years, but there was never really a free time to do this. As I have just been released from the Sumba project and had yet to have any regular activities, I decided to go to the event.

The event was held in BSD's International Convention Center (ICE), so I took the Commuter Line train, hopped off at Rawabuntu train station and ordered Go-Jek to reach ICE.

I did recite prayers before entering this entryway.

A complete package of books by Beatrix Potter and Dr. Seuss, very tempting. But the price was a turn off...

Comic books galore

And another temptation, a complete package of books by Roald Dahl

Definitely for those in need of challenges in life.

I totally don't get the idea. I would never fold the pages of my books. Why would anyone even suggest this crime?

Conclusion: the books in BBW are mostly children books in English language, which in my opinion is a bit missed target. I mean, how many Indonesian children in Indonesia that actually read English books? As an Indonesian child, I read books in my mother tongue. And I intend to instill Indonesian to my future children before teaching them a foreign language. 

I didn't exactly find the books I liked. But it felt a waste of time to not buy something. So I really looked hard and... were the books I got from BBW 2018:)

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