Monday, March 26, 2018

Third Visit to Sumba, And Hopefully Not The Last

Hello everyone, hope everything is good with you.

Last month, I fell on the Manggarai station train platform as I tried to catch the train to Bekasi. It was quite a hard fall, my trousers were broken apart on the knee area and my right knee was scraped. I had to work from home for the remaining week. 

Then the next week after the fall I got an assignment had to leave for Sumba island. I could barely walk, but it was an assignment. I phoned the team in East Sumba, discussed the schedule and told them about my condition. Kris, the field assistant, gave the most reassuring sentence ever,"Bibi (Auntie), no need to worry, just come to Sumba, everything will be okay."

And everything was indeed okay.

So here's a quick recap on my activities there:

There was a meeting of five villages on a Saturday morning. I was in charge for the report, as usual.

Then I visited each village to discuss the progress of the trainings with the beneficiaries. Fortunately, my visit coincided with the visit of the marketing team, which rented a 4x4 double cabin pick up truck (they have bigger budget). So I asked if I could come with them, and set up a schedule that would not clash with theirs. They had been very kind and helped me to get around. This had been a great help because my knee was still hurting.

The schedule for the FGD was to invite representatives of each group that had received trainings from my organization, asked their responses and expectation on future training, if there would be any on the pipeline. The people had been very accommodating.

FGD in Tawui

FGD in Lailunggi

FGD in Tandula Jangga

The FGD in Praimadita was not documented, because it was only held for less than 30 minutes. It had been very challenging to work with that particular village.

During the visit, I made quick jaunts to the beach, just to unwind. I bought a big fish in Kakaha beach, caught a lovely sunset in Lailunggi beach and chill at Londa Lima beach.

Big fish!

Lailunggi beach, again

Londa Lima beach

I also went to the market to shop for weaving. I have visited Sumba island for the third time, and I just wanted to have a souvenir from the island in East Nusa Tenggara that I had visited for more than two times. Other islands in the province that I had visited were Flores island (two visits) and Timor island (one visit).

Oh Sumba weaving, why are you so expensive? Left pic (around one million, including the scarf on my shoulder) and right pic (2 million)

I haven't really explored the whole island, because every time I came to Sumba I always had a tight schedule. I tried to give my best during the time I spent there, instead of hunting beautiful pictures to be posted in Instagram. Ok, stop right here before I become even more sarcastic, hahaha.

Here are some videos I took while I was on the road:

Sumba island is predominantly Christian Protestant, and there are Catholic parochial churches too, while  Islam is a minority. But there are mosques along the coast line, as the Muslims from East Java and Madura, Sumbawa island, Lombok island, the Bugis people, and the Muslim Moluccans came years ago and made Sumba their home. To hear this call before adzan where Islam is a minority feels like going home.

See you again one day, Sumba! Insya Allah.

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