Wednesday, August 30, 2017

East Sumba: Part 3 - The Reasons to Visit Sumba

Do not let my previous post discourages you to visit Sumba. Of course, there are many reasons on why you should visit Sumba. Here are just two of them... :)

The Scenery

No, I didn't get to see the Nihiwatu Resort, which is lauded as Indonesia's (or is it the world's?) most beautiful resort with private beaches. But I got to see many other beaches, and they are also very lovely to look at.

Lailunggi beach

Tawui beach. We have the beach all for ourselves :)

Rolling stone gathers no moss, they say. Well, rolling people results in blurry photos. Stay still, soak up the beauty of the night sky, and you'll get beautiful photos :P

Let's go to the place where the sea and the hills meet

Kakaha beach

The People

Some of the conversation I had with the local people were worth to keep as life advice. For example, a conversation with the wife of a village chief, also called as Mama Desa (the village mom) went like this:

Me: Mama, you still look young and beautiful 
Mama Desa (MD): Thank you, Ibu, but I'm 42 years old already.
Me: Ah, we are only five years apart, Mama
MD: Are you married, Ibu?
Me: Not yet, Mama
MD: It's much better to be single. If you're feeling cold, you can just put on more blankets.
Me: Ehhh, why did you say that, Mama?
MD: Sumbanese women have to take care of children, cattle and men. It's a tough life for married women.

On another occasion, I met with a woman and had a conversation that went like this:

Me: Hello Mama, are you waiting for your husband to pick you up?
Woman: I'm waiting for a young man to pick me up.
Me: Oh?
Woman: Every marriage has its own rule. Mine is different with the others.

OMG, such life wisdom imparted by real life Oprahs. I came back from Sumba a changed woman. Now excuse me, I need to stock up on blankets :D

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