Friday, June 30, 2017

June Updates

Eid Mubarak!

My last post was a farewell to the aerial view of Jakarta's main streets, and here I am, a month later, still sitting in the very same cubicle with the view. So what happened in the past 30 days? Here are some updates...

My contract got extended until the end of June

I had prepared myself to be unemployed this month, and planned to take all of my leaves before the contract expired. But lo and behold, a day before Ramadhan commenced, I received a phonecall from the HRM on the contract extension. At first, I said I'd think about it, but the HRM asked me kindly to help them out. And so, I decided to take the offer.

I've completed most of my work a few weeks before May ended, so this June I did the regular tasks and web updating. Lower workload means I had...

A moment of self-reflection this Ramadhan

Prior to the contract extension, I had made plans to fill Ramadhan with lots of self-reflection and ibadah (you know, prayers, read Al Quran and other good deeds). The extension got me thinking that you don't have to wait until you have the time to do all that. As a matter in fact, being alive is a lifetime struggle to balance the world and the hereafter. 

Without any intention to brag/boast/riya, alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan I've managed to do most tarawih prayers, with one night amiss (I'm trying to improve this). I also held a breakfasting event with my campus friend at a small orphanage, near my home. I did twice one-night i'tikaf with my girlfriends. I might post about the experience in another post, just for a self-reminder and in case there are English-speaking people who need information on i'tikaf activities in Jakarta's mosques.

I'm fully aware that what I've done this Ramadhan is minuscule compared to the good deeds that other people had done. But coming from a person like me, those baby steps are huge quantum leaps for me :).

As I don't promote this blogs on other social media (although it's available on search engines if you type the right keywords), I wrote those just for my eyes only, a self-reminder of things to improve in the future Ramadhan. I do understand that there are people who read this blogs. If you know me in real life, I'd very much appreciate it that you don't bring up those things in public or to other people.

The translation work will be published into a paper

The translation work I did last year will be published into a paper, and my name will be mentioned too, that's what the researcher told me. I was floored by the announcement. I mean, I only translated what the respondents said, not really writing the paper. I really need to write my own paper one of these days.

A good news ahead...

A project contacted me. While there is no commitment yet (no contract, whatsoever), the project coordinator had asked me to send some documents. We have also chatted informally on my TOR. I hope to hear more on this project in July. Please wish me luck!

If there is no progress on this project until July, I can always take a break and do some traveling :).

To close this month in a good mood, here is a photo of me and my extended family during the Eid celebration. And they didn't ask 'the question' this year! I love you, my extended family :).

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