Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The project I'm working with at the moment has the best chief of party (COP) and deputy chief of party (DCOP) because they let us to carry out our work in the most comfortable way. The COP is a 70-year-old Briton, who has spend half of his life in Indonesia and speaks fluent Indonesian, while the DCOP is an energetic, caring lady.

Sometimes I felt like they were my parents, because the way they treated all employees was like how you'd treat a little kid.

COP's Most Famous Sayings
Between Monday and Thursday: Good bye, everyone. Don't be naughty, okay?
On Fridays: Have a good weekend, everyone. If you can't be good, be careful
A day before any National Holiday that falls in the middle of the week: You can leave early today, to avoid the congestion
Background information: any national holiday that falls in the middle of the week would mean a heavy congestion one day before the said holiday. Most people would take a leave and ditched the city for a few happy days.

Sometimes the DCOP caught COP still lingered and chatted with us, and such conversation took place...
DCOP: You're still here? I thought you already left
COP: I am leaving, I am just talking with them.

Noise Means Food
Situation: As I've said before, the office seems to have foods everyday. And everytime there is food, there is noise
DCOP: I heard a noise. There must be food here.
SR: Oh, all the food has been eaten.
DCOP: Already? Wow so fast.

When DCOP Is Attending A Piranha Event
Situation: DCOP has a clean eating regime, meaning she doesn't eat fritters, red meat and other unhealthy/junk food.
SR: Tomorrow, we'll have a fullboard menu, with donuts for breakfast, nasi uduk for lunch and icecream for afternoon snack.
DCOP: How about if we change the donuts with boiled eggs? I'll supply the eggs.
FNA: But...but...the donuts are important too...

Museum for The Old Phones
DCOP: Does anyone have an iPhone charger?
Me: Which head does it use? The one with big head or small head?
DCOP: The one for iPhone 4?
Me: Oh the big one
COP: (happens to pass by) What is it? (looking at DCOP's mobilephone) What is that?
DCOP: It's my mobilephone
COP: It's still working? I think it should be in museum by now.
DCOP: (giving COP a stern look)

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