Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another Piranha's Silly Conversations

Another batch of silly conversations with colleagues, because these are just too good to be kept by myself.

Who's The Oldest Of Them All? - Part 1
Situation: during the DCOP's open house event, we chatted and talked about favorite pastime activities
J: You know, when I was in college back in late 1990s, you probably don't know, you were just a kid then...
Me: Mr. J, you and I were born on the same year. You were born in (insert the year here), right? I knew about that too.
J: Uh, yeah, I was. You too? I thought you were much younger.
Me (without batting an eyelash): Thank you, Sir.
He later turned to DA, who sat on his right...
J: And when I graduated from high school, it was back in (insert the year here) you know. By the way, which year did you graduated?
DA: Uhh, I graduated a year before you.
J: Oh really? You girls really look younger than your age.

Who's The Oldest Of Them All? - Part 2
Situation: Mr. J and friends was back from Sogo Jongkok, a small market in the middle of ministerial house complex (I will probably write about this place, one day. If I'm in the mood, that is...).
Me: So what did you buy there?
J: Well, I bought this shirt (pulling out one item), this trousers (and another item), this T-shirt (and another one), and..
Me: Ok, you seemed to have a good time...
J: Actually, I could buy more if the women didn't hurry me up. I'm an old person, and yet they rushed me around
Me: Who did you call young among these ladies? (looking at the women, who are in their 35+ and one of them is in her 50s)
J: (flashing a big grin)

Gossip Guy
Situation: The big boss (COP) walked along with a wrist bondage. 
ST: What happened to your wrist, Sir?
COP: I fell of my bike. I was in a rush to go home from the swimming pool because it's already drizzling.
Me: Oh my God, is there any broken bone?
COP: The wrist is broken, but the bones are still inline, so there's no need for a cast.
After the big boss walked away...
EM: Psst...psst..that is not caused by falling off the bike. It's caused by a bar fight. He tried to tackle a bottle with his wrist. That's why.
Me: What? Come on. He's in his 70s, no more bar fight for him. You're making this up, aren't you?
EM: (winked and left)

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