Monday, February 27, 2017

Being A Woman Means Being Second Guessed At Every Second

Several sentences that hold truth: 

1. Being second guessed is inevitable when you're a woman working in a male-dominated field of work. 

That's a line said by a female friend, who studied Architecture for the undergraduate degree, works full time as a graphic designer, takes architectural part-time jobs and sets up a business in fashion industry. 

Isn't she a mighty woman? I work with her for the Garut project, she is the principal designer, while I'm just pieces of parsley (It should be 'remahan rengginang/rempeyek' in Bahasa Indonesia, but pieces of parsley is more befitting for the translation. Ha!). Regardless of her portfolio in architectural designs, she often stops to question her ability, just to ensure that she doesn't make a mistake.

2. Because once a woman made a mistake in this male-dominated sector, it would be very difficult to get away from it

That's also said by the same friend. Need I explain more? 

3. To avoid making a mistake, make reference to another work made by a man

Another wise sentence from the very same friend. She would gather information as complete as possible, analyze what make them work, lay out her design, questions herself 2-3 times again to find possible mistakes and prepare her defense for the client.

I imagine the process would be much easier when you're a man, no?

I'm writing this after a man asked whether the aforementioned friend's design was strong enough to hold the roof *rolling my eyes*. And now I'm googling tips for to break down the habit of second guessing competent women. Stop second guessing women, guys, we are competent enough to know what we are capable of doing!

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