Friday, January 6, 2017

One Of The Best Advices On Relationship

My friend Vissia and her husband Untung during the trip to Takabonerate

I was walking into the office's praying room, and then bumped into two female colleagues having a conversation on relationship. One of the women, SP, who is younger, had just poured her heart to the older one, PA. I didn't hear what the problem was, but I think the advice is universal and applicable for all types of relationships.

"Respect him, but respect yourself first. If he does not respect you, leave him. You should not compromise your values for anyone."

"Anyway, you are young, and you will meet another guy who will respect you," she added.

"What if the woman is not young anymore? Should she compromise her values?" I chimed in.

PA looked me in my eyes, and said,"No woman should ever compromise her values. Mutual respect is important."

I'm definitely taking notes :).

Update: Respect is listed as number #3 in this list of successful relationship tips

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