Friday, December 2, 2016

Implementing KonMari's Tidying Method As A Part Of Self-Improvement Efforts

During a round of Sunday morning leisure walking with Atika, a high school friend, our conversation stumbled upon Marie Kondo's book on tidying. She said that she had both her books, and offered to lend them to me. I borrowed one, because I was not sure I'd be able to finish it in one week. I came home and read it in one sitting.

I returned the first book and borrowed the second book. The second one was a bit tougher to read (IMHO) as it contains tips and techniques on tidying and folding. I still managed to complete reading it, though.

I have been trying to implement the KonMari's tidying methods, particularly on the clothing section, but then I found out several things about myself:

#1. I like patterns and colors

In order to simplify my wardrobe, I need to stick to a certain color palette and throw away the clothes that do not fit into the designated palette. But upon opening my closet, I found a myriad of colors and patterns. Even the neutral colors of whites, blacks and grays are either in stripes, polkadots, florals, or have embroideries in the same colors. Being an Indonesian, I definitely have batik and ikat in my wardrobe and of course, I do not have the heart to throw them away. They are works of love and art! Some are handed down from M, which make them even harder to throw away.

#2. I like non-fitting, loose, flowing outfits

I think I have around 10 knee-length summer dresses, possibly more if I open my suitcase (yes, I keep some of my clothes in a suitcase, I have that much of clothes). The dresses come in floral or tribal patterns. Most of my jeans/trousers are either straight-leg, wide-leg or flared. This style really helps as my weight goes up and down, depending on my mood.

#3. I have more T-shirts and polo shirts than work shirt/power suit

You know the kinds of T-shirts and polo shirts that are given during events? I have about 20 of them. This type of clothing is easier to put away because it barely holds any emotional attachment. Nevertheless, that still leaves me with some 30 more T-shirts/polo shirts.

From those three things, now I know that I'm more into the casual colorful wardrobe. However, there is one more thing:

#4. I still don't have the heart to put away most of the clothings

According to the KonMari method, things that should not spark joy should be put away. Oh it's so hard. I simply categorized the clothings into two parts: the ones I use and the ones I'm not using on a regular basis. Right now, I'm putting the "less-used" clothings in M's cupboard and I'm giving it another three months to think them over. I know it defies the core point of KonMari method, but it's such a giant step, and I can only take baby steps at the moment. At least I know I'm moving to the right path, as I feel much better, lighter with each item I toss into M's cupboard.

One step at a time, one day at a time. It is likely to be my mantra for 2017 Resolution :).

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