Thursday, November 10, 2016

Something Happened On The Way To Office

Yesterday I took a TransJakarta free bus to my office and fell asleep. When the bus stopped at the final stop, I woke up, collected my stuffs and headed to the bus door. That's when a man, who had been sitting in front of me, approached and asked for my phone number. The conversation went like this:

Man On The Bus : "Can I have your phone number?"
Me                       : "Huh? Sorry, no. I can't give it to you."
MOTB                 : "Can I have your name card?"
Me                       : "Sorry, no."
MOTB                 : "Where do you work? Where do you live?"
Me                       : "..."
MOTB                 : "I like you."
Me                       : "Errr...okay. Thank you. Bye."

I'm not the kind of girl who gives the best first impression, and I don't warm up quickly to people I just meet. The guys I secretly have crush on (because I'm too shy to make le premier pas) are usually people I meet regularly, either at school, workspace, or courses, and never a stranger. This is Jakarta, there are a lot of crazy people (me included, ha!) and I don't want to take chances. 

Fortunately, he didn't follow me to my building. Otherwise, I would have to ask the security for help. It is scary to get asked personal information by people I don't know. I like persistence, when it's well-presented. Guys, if you want to approach a girls you like, don't ask for their number, but give them your number.

I don't think such  occurrence is a common thing in Jakarta, I mean it's a first for me. Most Jakartan males don't approach me. So the first thing I did was checking my wardrobe and the whole appearance to see whether I put on something that encouraged him to make such advances. Was it my red lipstick, perhaps too red? Or because I wore red skirt? 

But seriously, what would you do if you were in my position?

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