Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Men And Menstruation

Fu Yuan Hui, the Chinese swimmer who breaks the taboo on menstruation during the 2016 Olympics
Found here

While men are so clueless about menstruation, sometimes they act like they understand what happens during the bloody week. Here is some conversations that prove otherwise.

The Size Of Tampons
Situation: NPS (a female colleague) and I were chatting about our period, what we used (tampon or sanitary pad) and the likes. DAP was in the vicinity, definitely eavesdropping.
NPS: Oh I have to use tampons during menstruation. The winged pads just would not do.
Me: I prefer pads, but I've heard about moon cup and am curious to try.
NPS: Moon cup? What is that? DAP, could you please google that moon cup? 
(As pale as he could be, DAP googled that up. We hovered behind his back to check the search result)
NPS: Hmm, I think I still prefer tampons, because the moon cup looks bigger than the tampons
DAP: How big is the tampon? Isn't it as big as a cucumber?
(NPS and I looked at each other, looked at DAP and laughed)
NPS: It's about this big (showing her pinky finger, which was not big, definitely, duh)
Me: Dude, if the tampon is as big as a cucumber, we'd be waddling like ducks

The Dos And Don'ts During Period
Situation: I was chatting with WM, a male friend
WM: Hey, how are you?
Me: Today is my first day of period. Oh wait, is it too much information?
WM: Hahaha. First ever? Ouch? I'm sorry to hear but relieved? I'm sorry.. They don't ever teach you what to say in these circumstances..Hope you'll feel better soon..
Me: In a few days, I'll feel better. Now it's all hormonal rush
WM: Besides the hormonal rush, you ok though?
Me: Yeah, just a bit of cramp, I jog this morning.
WM: You jog? During cramps???
Me: I know my body. I can jog anytime. Chill. Why so panic? Oh men.
WM: Panic? Lol... Yeah, we men would never jog if we're bleeding.. unless the planet needed saving.. that is also maybe..

Anyway, just wondering, to all ladies reading this, do you share your period with the male community around you? And to all gentlemen reading this, how do you take the information?

I'm asking this because a male friend who comes from a traditional culture said,"In my very traditional and outdated beliefs that if a woman shares this (information on menstruation) with you, she likes you."

What do you think?

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