Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Child-Friendly Office Environment

Back in the 1980s-1990s, day care was an alien idea to most Indonesians (even in the capital city) and I was still a kid, so there were times M&D took me to their office. D worked at a family-owned publishing company and M worked at a foreign bank.

Of course, I would prefer D's office to M's office everytime opportunity arised. I could sit next to D, talk or ask him any questions read books on the floor, and have a long intimate lunch date with him at the nearby food stall. Sometimes D would ask me to edit a draft of a book, that was how I developed the love of letters and all things bookish. Things would not be the same at M's office: I had to sit in the praying room or the kitchen and be as quiet as a mice. It was so boring and I kept glancing on the clock.

When I worked in the media, the colleagues who had babies and toddlers sometimes brought their little ones to the office. The parents would put the babies on a mattress, or gave coloring books the toddlers. While things would get quite tense approaching the deadline, the little ones could still enjoy moments with their parents.

Now that I work in a non-profit organization, the office environment is even more child-friendly and family-oriented. We have 20 days of annual leave, and we can use it one full day at a time or even take a half day. Most colleagues' kids are already in primary school, so the kids can be told to sit still. Nevertheless, kids are kids, they would eventually run around and make noise. Fortunately, the big boss in this office is a gentle elderly Briton and a family man.

Not all boss are like my boss, but at least the nature of a non-profit organization is more relaxed than that of private companies. The pay and benefits may be not as much as the latter does, but I prefer the child-friendly office environment. And I'm not even a mother (yet), hahaha. 

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