Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On Wearing The Eyeglasses

A few months ago, the guy from the HR division insisted that everyone at the office went to ophthalmologist to get our eyes checked. I've been hoping that I could be eyeglasses-free until the day I died, but then the test and result showed I needed cylindrical correction lenses for both eyes. 

It's only 0.5 (OD) and 0.25 (OS), and no nearsightedness/farsightedness. I can still see quite clearly, but after a few hours in front of the LCD monitor, the letters would blur and the eyeglasses help a lot. Ahh, age doesn't lie, indeed. Eyeglasses prescription is covered by the office, so I bought a pair and started wearing them a few weeks after Idul Fitri this year. I only put them on when typing on the laptop (like right now), and when driving (which is like, once in a blue moon, hahaha). 

I brought along two brutally honest colleagues to comment on which eyeglasses frame fit my face shape at the optician. I've been wanting to buy a cat-eye shaped eyeglasses, but the optician had none that met the budget, so following my colleagues' suggestions, I settled for a wayfarer-modified design.

I'm wearing something similar to this design. From here

After I started wearing the eyeglasses, several colleagues said I looked different. Good different, they said. One of them even said I looked like the elegant female boss from the headquarter office. Even if they mean to say I look old with the eyeglasses, I wouldn't mind to age gracefully like the said female boss.

DAP, who previously worked at an NGO that helps visually-impaired children, gave some tips on wearing eyeglasses: 

(1) don't wear them 24-hour straight in the first place, but start with short period of time and then add up the period daily. For example, wear them for two hours on the first day, then three hours on second day, and it goes on until you wear them regularly.

(2) when I first put them on, I'd feel dizzy because my eye-level view and feet-level view seemed detached. DAP told me to move my head instead of my eyes. He added that it was normal to feel that way on the first week because my eyes were still adapting. But if it continues, he suggests that I go back to the optician.

(3) clean them regularly.

The funny thing is DAP also has cylindrical eyes with higher prescription, but he refuses to wear eyeglasses, because it would make him less cool (oh boy, little did he know there are girls who thinks guys with eyeglasses are hot).

Do you or your significant other wear eyeglasses? 

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