Friday, August 26, 2016

The Whole Office-Bazaar Hubbub

There was a bazaar organized by a Japanese-themed mall in the office building this week. The items being sold on discount were various, from mattresses, to clothes, to toys, to food. To sum it up, there was something for everyone. Here is several conversation that took place in the office during the bazaar...

How It All Began
Female Boss (FB): Did you see the announcement  downstairs? There's a bazaar. What kind of items will be on sale?
Finance Manager (FM): (produced a brochure) Here it is. I took it at the reception desk
FB: Hmm, thank you (reading the brochure seriously)
(a few minutes before the lunch time)
FB: FM, let's go now before it's too crowded.
FM: Go where?
FB: To the bazaar!

Checking Things Out
(At 12.30 p.m.)
Me: Oh my God, it's so crowded
Colleague #1: Of course, it's lunch time. Everyone comes here to have a look
Me: How about if we come back at 02.30 p.m? The crowd may have dispersed by then
Colleague #1: Ok

At 02.30 p.m.
Me: Oh my God, how come it's still crowded?
Colleague #1: Hmm, perhaps we should come again? At 07.00 p.m.?
Me: Ok

At 07.00 p.m.
Me: Why are these people still come here? Didn't they have homes to go to?
Colleague #1: Hmm, let's just finish it quickly then
Colleague #2: Oh hey, you guys are here again? I thought I saw you a few hours ago

Lipstick Jungle
Situation: one of the items on sale was Purbasari's matte lipstick, which had been getting rave reviews on its durability, lovely colors and other good qualities. Most women bought at least one color of the lipstick series, so we tried each other lipstick to see which suit us best. I had to ask for other people's opinion, and DAP was there...
Day 1
Me: What do you think of this color? (showing my lip to DAP)
DAP: It's good

Day 2
Me: How about this one?
DAP: It's good, it's good

Day 3
Me: Hey, this is actually really good (pointing to cellphone charger cable)
DAP: Ok, which lipstick you're wearing now?
Me: Why does it have to be lipstick? I'm talking about this charger cable
DAP: Because lipstick is the trending topic of this week 

The Power Of Moms
FNA: It's so crowded downstairs, I couldn't buy the Number 90 lipstick
Me: Oh really? I just got myself two lipsticks a few minutes ago (showing the purchased items)
FNA: Oh, but you're a mom. Moms have power girls don't have
Me: You're asking for a spank. I'm not a mom yet, I'm an auntie.

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