Friday, June 3, 2016

A Coffee Convert

Taking a degree in Architecture or working as a journo did not make me a coffee drinker. But a few months into writing a scientific paper found me pouring a cup of java in the office pantry twice a day. Nothing fancy, just local brand Kapal Api coffee. Coffee is a godsend and I'm a convert.

Another reason for this new habit is because the office always has a pot of coffee brewing in the pantry. I think I'm working with coffee snobs *insert horror music*. Besides housing the coffee powder, the pantry also keeps a coffee maker, a coffee press jug, coffee filter papers, a coffee bean grinder, and...of course...bags of coffee bean from across Indonesia because my office has branches in Aceh, North Sumatra, four provinces in Java, South Sulawesi and Papua, all of which has coffee-producing areas. Another blessing of living in Indonesia: you'd never run out of coffee beans to try :).

There were moments when I felt sleepy and headed to pantry only to find coffee beans instead of coffee powder. No other choice but to grind the beans and pour them to the coffee press jug. The coffee grounded by my own hands tasted much better, though :D.

I have been struggling with the rising gastric acid everytime I had coffee, but I think I find some tricks that work for myself:  (1) I try to eat a good portion of meal before drinking a cup of coffee, and (2) I put a generous portion of cream/milk to help ease the acid effect.

It would still be a long way for me to be a black coffee drinker. But for now, I can explore the cafes that are mushrooming in the city.

Have any recommendations for a coffee newbie?

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