Thursday, April 14, 2016

Disneyland Hong Kong

Before I began, let me emphasized that I've been wanting to visit Disneyland. So when Aneen persuaded me to buy the ticket to HK, I agreed under one condition: we should put Disneyland in the itinerary. It's a deal!

To reach Disneyland, you must go to MTR Sunny Bay and wait for the Disneyland train. You'd recognize it when it comes.

Inside the car: the grab handles are Disney-thematic

Hi Pluto!

Approaching the main gate

A station for a mini train that encircles the theme park

View along the main street

That rubbish bin followed the girl around after she dropped something into it. It stopped after a few meters.


For a non thrillseeker, I survived Space Mountain, albeit barely...

Approaching Fantasyland aka Sleeping Beauty Castle

 Stroller area. The theme park pays attention to the needs of its visitors. Children, senior citizens and people with special needs have the same accessibility around the park.

It's a 3D Movie with good effects. I felt splashes of water and gushes of wind during the movie screening

 A visit to Disneyland would not be complete without a picture of you and Mr & Mrs. Mouse :).

Disneyland always brings out the children in you :)

Flight of the Fantasy noon parade

We watched Festival of Lion King, a great musical you should not miss when visiting Disneyland

It rained in the afternoon, and most of the outdoor playground were closed. No need to be upset, there are indoor playgrounds you can try. 

You can also marvel at the cute buildings

We came after Easter, so there is egg decoration across the park. The eggs were made to look like Disney characters and was placed in various spots. It was like doing the egg hunt :).



Disneyland always closes the day by a firework show. The visitors were anxious about the firework show because the rain might hamper the execution. We were so relieved when the show finally kicked off. It was majestic!

The soundtrack of Aladdin (A Whole New World) has been stuck in my ears until now.

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