Monday, January 11, 2016

When It Comes To Health Issues, The Piranhas Are In The Nile

There was a free health check up in the office building a few weeks ago. Of course, everything that is free would attract the Piranhas. So we headed to the event to check our sugar blood level, blood tension and cholesterol level.

Here are several funny conversation that ensues.

1. On weight issues
Situation: during the queue, the health instructor took measurement of your weight and blood tension.
Health instructor: Please step into this weight scale
A curvy woman: Engg no need. I know the weight must be a lot.
Health instructor: (-_-)"

2. Trust the best result?
RA: How nuisance! I just had my sugar blood and cholesterol level checked in the lab. If I knew there would be free check up, I'd have waited.
HW: It's ok, Bu. You can still try the free check up and trust the one with good results.
RA: Ok, I'll have lunch first then
About one hour later...
RA: This must be wrong!
SN: What happened, Bu?
RA: My cholesterol level spiked from 169 in the lab result to beyond 200.
SN: What did you have for lunch?
RA: Enggg...KFC.
All: laughing out loud 

3. On weight issues...again
Me: The weight scale at the office must be broken. I checked my weight at the office, it's 57 kg. But at the health check up event, it's 55 kg.
AA: could be due to the gravity. The closer we are to the ground, the more accurate the weight measurement is.
SN: You should measure it in the lowest basement floor then *sarcastic mode on*

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