Friday, January 15, 2016

Thursday's Sarinah Attack Almost Brought The Piranhas To The Brink Of Extinction

Thursday morning found us, the Piranhas, listening to the news on bomb explosion outside Sarinah. We soon heard/read more terrifying news on bomb and shoot out. We checked our colleagues who were out of office for field works, on their whereabout and safety, and also informed our families that we were safe.

It was a tense day for everyone at the office as we had to follow security protocol. We weren't even allowed to leave the floor to buy lunch. Thursday 12.15 p.m., we were about to head to nearest canteen when one of the bosses gathered us and told us to stay where we were.

Our expression turned sour as the boss told us to not leave the floor for any reason, not even for lunch. We soon opened our drawers and nibbled on all kinds of food we could find in the pantry: biscuits, wafers and, may Lord forgive us, the sinfully delicious instant noodle. We're still hungry though, and we couldn't function well without rice. Hungry and angry. Apocalypse was about to take place. 

The other boss came at the crucial moment and said everything was okay outside, we could go and bought lunch downstairs. The Briton even offered to buy us lunch himself if we were too afraid to go downstairs.

"We are not afraid. We simply respect DS (the scared boss)'s request to stay put," we said.
"I was here during the 1998 riot. I went home driving the car on my own. I saw burned down buildings and everything was in chaos. But I still reached home safe and sound," the kind boss said.

The kind boss finally went downstairs and bought food for all of us. After the food arrived, peace reigned. It's amazing what food can do to calm the Piranhas. We were told to bring home our laptops and that the office would be close today.

Hope you all have a safe Friday and weekend.

PS. I read that there were two foreigners (of German nationalities) who were injured during the event. I happened to know both, one was a UNORCID official whom I invited for an event held by my former office, and the other was the husband of a colleague at a former office. My hearts and prayers go to the families of victims and everyone whose lives are impacted by the event.

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