Friday, October 21, 2016

Putting On A Little Color

So I have a new interest: make up! I know, I'm such a late bloomer :D. I caught up the make-up bug when I quit journalism and started the normal work hour. During the commute to Jakarta, I realize that almost all woman put on some color to freshen up their looks.

I know it's not a must to put on make up, but I feel compelled to appreciate myself. Hey, I manage to get myself onboard of a crowded commuter train, it deserves an applause. Putting on some color on my face feels like putting on a war paint. I am Amazon!

When I worked in the media, the only color I wore was on my lips, and only in the morning. After three times of ablution, eating and drinking, the lipstick had faded and I never touched up. Things has gone a bit different since then.

Boarding the ever-crowded morning commuter line, I usually wear a face mask that covers my nose and mouth. That would leave only my eyes to be seen. So I started to wear eyeliner, a very thin line on my chinky eyes, just to give a bit statement.

No one seemed to notice (due to the very thin eyeliners), so I upped the ante by filling in my short and thin eyebrows. It was hard to draw a  pair of symmetrical eyebrows, as mine are definitely asymmetric. But even after I mastered the eyebrow thingy, no one at the office commented. Either my eye make up looks natural, or my colleagues are just too polite to comment.

Mascara does not do much help to boost my weak eyelashes and eyeshadow is just too complicated for application, so I only apply them once in a while.

Then the eyeglasses era dawned upon me. The beautiful eye make up went behind the eyeglasses. The only thing left for coloring is my lips. So yeah, it's lipstick revisited. During the journo days, I would prefer the nude-colored lipstick. But now, it's all about go bold or go home (ha!).

After I put on bold-colored lipstick, colleagues began commenting, and the conversation would go like this:
Colleague: There is something different about you today.
Me: Well, I wear eyeglasses now.
Colleague: Oh yeah, that too. But it's something else, you look prettier.
Me: Oh, it must be my lipstick
Colleague: *slowly fading out*

One surprising comment came from a female colleague who saw me wearing brown lipstick. She said,"Please don't wear brown color again, it makes you look so fierce." To that I replied,"But dear, I want to look fierce."

How about you? Why do you wear color on your face?

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