Friday, May 15, 2015

Campus Life

Now that I've told you about the post-grad school life, I'd like to share some banters with my university friends. 

#1. The Young Forgetful Lecturer
Situation: it's Friday night, we're having a night class.
Young Lecturer: Ok, class. Let's wrap it up in 30 minutes. Oh, on second thought, let's wrap it now
Student#1: Why so soon?
YL: I forgot to bring my laptop charger cable, and it's already out of power now.
Students: Oh ok

#2. Traveling With The Boys Be Like...
Situation: we were going on a field trip to a geothermal energy plant, everything has been planned a week before. But a few hours into departure time, this conversation took place.
YL: Has anyone prepared the safety shoes and helmets?
Student#1: No. But do we really need those?
YL: Yes, the plant manager told me.
Student#2: Why didn't you tell us about it?
YL: Errr *suddenly losing phone signal*
PS. We managed to get the shoes and helmets before leaving.

#3. Which Canteen?
Situation: we often had dinner at campus on Friday nights and lunch on Saturday noons
Student#1: So where are we going to eat today?
Student#2: How about trying the foods at the Literary Canteen?
Student#1: It's so far away from the Engineering Canteen.
Student#2: But there are more girls there.
Student#1: So where is this Literary Canteen?

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