Friday, May 22, 2015

A Trip To Geothermal Field

We all know that Indonesia is located in the Ring of Fire, but did you know that due to its volcanic geology, Indonesia has 40% of the world's potential geothermal resources?

I didn't then, but now I know.

I got the chance to visit two geothermal fields in West Java -- one is managed by a state-owned enterprise and the other one is managed by a cooperative.

Geo Dipa Energy

Geo Dipa is a state-owned enterprise, which manages several geothermal wells across Indonesia. One of them is in Patuha, West Java. I guess you can find the information on the Internet (too tired to write about all the technical information). Anyway, here's some photos 

The other geothermal site we visited was the Kopjasa Cibuni Geothermal Field. The unique thing about it is the fact that it is managed by a cooperative. Most geothermal fields are managed by state-owned enterprises or the big companies, so we're really interested to see what it looks like.

Later that day, we soaked our body in a local hot spring. It was a nice respite after the visit to the power plants and received so many information on geothermal.

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