Friday, February 20, 2015

Hold My Hand

The sky had turned into blue cobalt when they left the office building. They waited for the bus for a few minutes, but there was no sign of it coming anytime so they decided to walk to the station. It’s already late and they should catch the night train. They walked in silence before he turned to her and said,”Give me your laptop bag. It must be heavy.”

Without waiting for answer, he took the strap of the laptop bag off her shoulder and slung it across his body.

A mischievous thought run through her head, so she asked jokingly,”Don’t you want to take my hand, too?”

He flashed that boyish smile and...held her hand. Her heart skipped a beat as he swung their hands together inline with the footstep. She could have pulled her hand, but somehow his grip has become quite familiar.

“There, I’m holding your hand now. How long should I hold it for you?” he asked.

She looked into his eyes and remembered the moments he caught her hand by chance...


“Go to the meeting room now. We’re having a quick meeting,” the boss said.

Everyone left their seat and headed to the meeting room. He was walking in front of her, at a leisurely pace. She nudged him with her index fingers on his waist, both trying to push him to walk faster and tickle him. His hands shot behind his back and caught her hands. She was surprised at his action, but they already reached the meeting room and he let go her hands. It was a small touch at a fleeting moment so she brushed it off and continued with the daily grind.


Another moment was during the deadline of a project. He was working on the cubicle that was across hers when he called out,”Hey, could you have a look at this?”

She stood up and walked to his side. As she looked onto the monitor, her hands rested on his shoulders and gently caressed them in mild shiatsu-like massage. Suddenly he caught both hands and pulled them to his chest. The situation would look as if she was hugging him from behind the chair.

“I got you! Now, what should we do?” he asked while playing with her hands.

She froze at the spot. The minute seemed like an eternity as her mind went blank. She was glad that she was behind him, otherwise she would not know how to control her facial expression. She was blessed with this bronze skin-tone, but she believed she turned mahogany at that minute.

The colleague who sat in the next room yelled,”Please continue whatever you guys are doing. I swear to God I would not interrupt.

She laughed and diverted his attention to the monitor. “So what was it you wanted to show me?”


Despite these hand-holding moments, she knew he was not into marriage, at least not in a rush for one. She remembered the conversation at the pantry during lunch time.

“Marriage changes people. A lot of my friends who are married are not allowed by their wives to hang out with the band anymore. I don’t want to get married if it’s going to strip me away from my hobby,” he said.

“Perhaps your married friends should introduce the band to the wives. I think if the wives know the band member, they would let your friends continue with the music,” she said.

“Not many women like our music,” he said.

That was almost true. He was into this black metal progressive music genre, the kind of music she would never listen to even if her life was depending on it. But she thought if she ever married a metal head, she’d let her future husband to do his thing with his buddies as long as she knew they would not do anything that are against the law. Anyway, it’s not that she was thinking to marry him, he’s of a different faith, of different ethnicity and is younger than her (not that the latter would matter for her, though).

She was thinking about this and munching on a chocolate cake when his hand gently went to her cheek to remove a crumb. She quickly grab a tissue to wipe her cheeks in case there were more crumbs. "Is there any crumb left?" She asked. He just smiled and looked away.


Those events run wild in her mind during that nano second. He swung their hand and smiled. The question still hung in the air. She looked into the deep pool of dark brown that were his eyes and said,”Today, tomorrow and forever.”

He laughed upon hearing her answer and so did she, for she has never said such cheesy line to anyone. But his hand did not left hers. And they both walked hand-in-hand with smiling faces.

P.S. I think I should start a new label called Blog Fiction :D

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