Monday, May 5, 2014

On Dealing With Broken Air Conditioner

My office, which is situated on the highest floor, tops the rank in terms of the coldest floor in the building. For some people, it's so cold that they bring the overcoat. So when two weeks ago we didn't feel any trace of  the arctic climate, we knew something had gone terribly wrong. 

It turned out that the two-ton chiller in the building had broken down.

The funny thing was people on the other floors were not aware of the AC problem. Once I met a guy from the sixth floor complaining about the temperature outside (well, it had been quite hot too outside). He was shocked when I told him about the AC.

I think it's not just the lack of cool blowing air that makes it very hot, but also the piling up of carbon monoxide due to the non-existent AC.

The building maintenance team had been slow at responding to our complaints. It took one week to lower the chiller from the roof top to the ground level. The day they moved the chiller, we could hear squeaking sounds as the workers loaded the machine onto the crane. It was an intense moment.

We asked the building maintenance team on how long we should endure this torture. And they said it took two weeks to repair the chiller (and probably another week to place it on the roof top). 

Last week, the building maintenance team lent us one standing air-con for free. ONE for the whole office, which has seven rooms. It is now standing gloriously in the corridor. Because, hello, if we put it in one of the rooms, there will be blood.

When we could no longer bear the heat, we alternately would leave our work space and stand in front of the AC for a few minutes. We look stupid, but we don't care.

Sometimes, we would leave office, find solace in the cool air-conditioned Setiabudi One and come back to office carrying a glass of milk tea (ahh, the joy of strolling at a mall in Jakarta). 

To cope with the non-existent AC, we have been wearing very relaxed outfit. For example, I have been wearing long flowing skirt because it's definitely much cooler than trousers/jeans. I'm pretty sure we will soon see Hawaiian-print shirt and knee-length shorts in the building if this AC problem continues.

At the time of this writing, I am sitting peacefully in the comfortable air-conditioned Bappenas office in Taman Suropati. Fortunately, I was assigned here today so I could escape the scorching hot office.  

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