Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ohh, The Curiosity

After eight months of working in the new office (Yeah, I still call it new office haha. How long should it take to drop the word 'new'?), there is one specific thing that makes this office unique: the curious level is extremely high here.

Here are some examples:

1. Failed Date During Lunch Time
Background situation: my colleagues and I often have lunch together and since there are only 16 of us, we'd go in one large group.
AA: Let's go have lunch.
Me: You guys go ahead. I'm meeting up with my university friend in Setiabudi One.
AA: A friend? A man or a woman?
Me: Err...
AA: We want to meet your friend.
Me: -_-"

2. Where Are You Going For The Vacation?
Situation: This is the kind of conversation I'd have with my boss whenever I'm submitting a leave form.
Boss NPM: What is this?
Me: It says Leave Form.
Boss NPM: How long are you leaving the office? When are you coming back to office? Have you made the handover form?
Me: The information is all there on the form. I've completed my work and the handover too.
Boss NPM: Where are you going for the vacation? With whom are you going?
Me: Why do you want to know?
Boss NPM: Well, I will only let you go on vacation if you are going to meet future husband.
Me: -_-"

I know they meant well, but still...

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