Monday, February 24, 2014

The Laugh Behind The Cubicles

It's time to update you with funny conversation from my office. Here they are...

The Importance of Name Title #1
Situation: We were talking about the interview procedure for the new office boy.
NPM: I think we have the right candidate. He seems polite, hard working and  oh yeah, he also calls me "Mas".
Me: So?
NPM: So he thinks I'm young!
We: But we don't think so.
>>PS. Although Boss NPM is still in his 30s, we refuse to call him Mas and instead call him Pak. If you don't know the difference, read here.

The Importance of Name Title #2
Situation: We were having lunch and one journalist friend (let's call her E) joined us.
NPM: Bon appetite, Mbak E.
E : Yes, thank you Pak.
NPM: Wait a minute, you used to call me Mas. Why change?
Me: She made a mistake then. Now she's doing the right thing.

Somebody Stop Me...Not
Situation: We have just returned from lunch and AWA was already munching on toasts.
AWA: Would you like some toasts?
Me: No thanks, I'm full.
LEA: No thanks.
AWA: I'm full too, but I can't stop eating this.
(A few minutes later)
AWA: Somebody please stop me from eating these.
Me: Ok, give me all those toasts, right now!
AWA: Here you are (handing me one toast, while still holding the brown paper bag, which most likely contained more toasts)
Me: And the brown paper bag too.
AWA: No. I want to stop eating, but I don't want to give you all the toasts.
LEA: (laughing)
Me: -_-

What's Your Status?
Situation: During a meeting with a German (DFF) in which we updated each other on our progress
DFF: Ok, let's update on each other's progress. RS, what's your status?
RS: Well, I'm married.

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