Friday, February 14, 2014

Mt. Kelud Erupts

Helping hand: A military soldier carries a collapse resident during the evacuation in Malang, East Java province on Friday moment after Mount Kelud erupted. Hundreds of thousands of people were ordered to evacuate after the volcano, the 1,731-metre Mount Kelud, on the main island of Java erupted spectacularly, hurling red hot ash and rocks over a huge distance. AFP/ Aman Rochman, link

Mt. Kelud is located in East Java province, but my friends and families who reside in Central Java said that the volcanic dust also reached their towns. So far, I've heard five airports in East Java and Central Java are closed due to the volcanic dust rain. Railway networks to Kediri, East Java are still in operation, but the train will use lowest speed. I hope everyone is safe and sound.

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