Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Shirt For The Season

I stumbled upon this shirt dress a few months ago. It's been haunting me as it has simple cut, long sleeves and water repellent! Now I'm on the search for similar quality in the local brands. Have any info?

PS: While I do love rainy season (and don't mind about getting drenched in the rain), I wish it wouldn't cause too much trouble on the electrical train system. I had to take buses this morning due to some kind of system failure and it took me more than two hours to reach office. PT KCJ, please do something about it. Rant over and out.


  1. You may find the similar cuts at MUJI, Grand Indonesia (if you live in Jkt). I have a white one I bought there.

  2. Ada emang jas hujan keren di muji but expensive. Almost 800 rb

  3. Life Learner: Thanks for the info. Will definitely check the store :)
    Fika: 800ribu ya? Nunggu sale deh. Btw, lumayan lho buat investasi pas lu sekolah di Oz :)