Tuesday, November 19, 2013

While The Boss Is Away, Let's Post Some Conversations :D

Because the following conversations are too good to be kept by myself :).

What Scholarship Is All About
NPM: Have you taken your Master degree?
Me: Not yet, I'm looking for a scholarship to do that.
NPM: You must remember that you have two goals upon receiving a scholarship: ijazah (the degree) and ijabsah (a word play on ijab/wedding oath and sah/official).
Me: -_-

Where's The Phone?
NPM: (Hold a laptop on his right hand and note pads on his left hand) Let's have the meeting now. Wait a minute, where's my mobilephone?
(Spend the next three minutes rummaging his desk, bag, pockets. He's about to use the office phone to call his mobile when I noticed something...)
Me: Isn't that your mobilephone on your left hand? Between those note pads?
NPM: Oh, you're right.

Music Taste Does Not Lie
NPM: We are going to get a visit from KDI on Friday. Please prepare everything.
PFC: KDI as in Kontes Dangdut Indonesia (the Indonesian Dangdut Contest)?
NPM: -_- No, KDI stands for Korean Development Institute.

Because Good Boss Gives Two Days Off
Situation: Friday afternoon
Me: (sneezing)
NPM: Who's sneezing?
Me: I did
NPM: Okay, you can take two days off, starting tomorrow. I'm a good boss, see?
Me: -_- But tomorrow and the day after are days off

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