Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Motivational Words From A DVD Player's Remote Control Brochure

My TV remote control broke down after several years of usage, followed closely by the DVD player remote control. I could still operate both electronic gadgets without the remote controls, but since Cousin Dina said there was a universal remote control that could be used for any TV and DVD player, I thought why not?

So we went to Pasar Perumnas Klender, the closest traditional market from our houses. And after giving the market a one-round-trip, we had a success in getting ourselves new remote controls.

On the left is my new TV remote control, on the right the DVD player one and on the background the brochure

It turns out that we need to program the remote control. The programming method was quite simple: (1) press "Set" and "Power" simultaneously, (2) when the red lamp blinks, dial in the three-number code, (3) if the remote control is not working yet, go back to step (1).

A glance over the the brochure shows that the more common your electronic gadget brand is, the more codes you will find to match the remote control. Toshiba only has around three to five codes. I have to tell you guys that the brand of my DVD player is Blue Sky, and it has so many codes on the brochure. Did I get the code right? Oh, definitely...after the 58th attempt. Also, have I told you that the brand of my TV set is Niko? Right. Ouch my thumbs.

The highlight of the day was reading the following words...

The slogan cracks me up: Dengan kesabaran yang teguh, Anda akan menemukan kode yang paling sesuai dengan DVD Anda (With strong determination, you will find the right code that fits your DVD player).

Moral of the story:
(1) Always have strong determination, even to do the simplest task like programming the DVD player's remote control
(2) When possible, buy branded gadgets with a good after sale service, so if the remote control breaks down, you simply turn it down at the service center.

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