Monday, March 18, 2013

How Much Do I Know My Colleagues?

Not much, definitely. And below are excerpts of conversations I had around the office space.

#1. Chris, Is That You?
Situation: Ebf, Trw and I were gossiping about the copy editors.
Ebf: I am still waiting for the copy editors to finish the articles. Are you going home now?
Me: It's ok, you just wait for the copy editors. I can browse Internet in the meantime. Why is it so slow? How many copy editors coming today?
Trw: Chris is pretty quick, but he's on a honeymoon leave. He got married last week.
Me: Oh yeah. Did you come to his wedding?
Ebf: Wait a minute. Which one is Chris?
Trw: The one with the eye glasses.
Ebf: Many of the copy editors are wearing eye glasses.
Me: Umm, he's bald.
Ebf: Many of the copy editors are bald, too.
Me: Let me show you his pictures on Facebook
(After several minutes of perusing the photos in Facebook...)
Ebf: Oh, that's Christian. He loves going to film festival, doesn't he?
Trw: Yes! Oh wait, I remembered you said that you met him and his girlfriend at a cinema.
Ebf: Yes, but I know him as Christian, not Chris.
Me and Trw: *facepalm*

#2. The Font Preference
Situation: Fith, Png, Lfr and I were busy on our computers. Correction: they were busy, I was composing this post.
Fith: You guys really have your own font preferences. Tifa always uses Arial, Png is a devout user of Calibri and Lfr, you change your font in each file. But then I can tell who does which article anyway. It's interesting.
Lfr: I just haven't set my heart to a specific font. So I keep changing font.
Me: How about you? What's your font preference?
Fith: I use Times New Roman, because that's the setting in my computer.

#3. The Coffee Run
Situation: During lunch, I stopped by at the nearby coffeeshop to get my co-workers their cups of coffee.
Me: I'd like to have one Peaberry, one Espresso and one Choco Mint, please.
The barista: Are you from TJaP?
Me: Umm, yes.
The barista: Are these for BEE, WW and Fith?
Me: That's right!

#4. The Office Asylum
Situation: I went to the office library and found Adm, the librarian, was sitting alone
Me: Hello, are you doing the night shift alone?
Adm: Yeah. How are you doing?
Me: I'm good, thanks. I thought there would be other journos here. I saw Dic was here.
Adm: He usually comes here to watch TV.
Me: But there are TVs upstairs.
Adm: Many people come here when they don't want to see other people. It's like asylum here.

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