Friday, January 4, 2013

What Is Your Home Design Personality?

According to Home Goods, I am New Country, with a touch of The Traveler.

New Country understands the value of slowing down, enjoying the sunsets, bringing the outside in, and feeling a real sense of relaxation in her space. She is laidback, but her style is still intentional and beautiful in its rustic elegance.

The Traveler is curious about all the corners of the world, whether she's visited them or dreams of going. She welcomes stories into her home through the finds of hidden bazaars and curio counters the world over. She doesn't just look forward to her next trip; she lives abroad in her own home everyday.

I still live with my parents and haven't got my own place. But once I make the commitment, I'll be ready to decorate with the inspirational boards above:).

Find out yours here.

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