Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photos Of Jakarta And Floods In The Past

Last Saturday, I went to Erasmus Huis to see the Mapping History exhibition, which showcases old photographs of Indonesia, either the infrastructure or daily life.

I was looking at the photos when lo and behold, I saw photos of Jakarta under the flood. The photos were probably taken between 1872 and early 1900, so floods has been a part of Jakarta for more than a century. 

Note that the Dutch people stand while the so-called inlanders sit on the boat. Even if the Indonesians stand next to the Dutch, they are of high class background. Maybe the Indonesians must sit to prevent the boat from capsizing, but why should the Dutch stand? :P

Unfortunately, I totally forgot to write down the credit and the information of the photos. But the exhibition is organized by KITLV and it will last until Feb. 15. You can still see them there:).

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