Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun Feasts With Friends

Hello, kind people!

I looked into my camera's memory card and found several photos of last year that I haven't posted yet. So while waiting for more exciting food-related event, I want to replay these happy moments here.

-- I got a dinner invitation from Turkuaz Turkish restaurant under the "Turkey Christmas Dinner a la Turkey" theme. When I first read it, I did a double take and thought: wait a minute? so the turkey cooks its own kind? but how? :P

Anyway, the dinner went great. Here are several photos I took.

Chef Sezai Zorlu cut the turkey

Turkish dinner. I couldn't photo all of the food because everyone already crammed around the table.



Belly dance after the dinner

-- Then I got myself several vouchers on Sushi Groove and invited my high school friend and sushi enthusiast Diana to help me with the sushi. The lunch took place on Dec. 22, it's definitely a Women's Day treat for both of us:)

Happiness is seeing a sushi spread before you:)

 And sharing it with your sushi-eating friend:))

Now that I've posted the photos, I need to have a proper lunch. Hmm.

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