Monday, December 10, 2012

Snappy Come-Backs For The Unwanted "Where Do You Work?" Question

My friend @alfianidris does not like to give away detailed answers to strangers or judgmental snobby people. So when one of those people asked him,"Where do you work?", he came up with the following snappy come-backs.

Where do you work? | I don't work, I spend my parent's fortunes. #RichKidVersion

Where do you work? | A rich woman pays my bills. #GigoloVersion 

Where do you work? | Give me 10 minutes and I will explain it to you. No, it's not that kind of system that requires downliners. #MLMVersion

Where do you work? | I'm a dancer, sometimes wearing clothes, but other times...not #StripperVersion

Where do you work? | I'm sorry, I can't talk about that #SecretAgentVersion

If you meet a man who gives those answers for the "Where do you work?" question, then it must be him :P.

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