Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Let What Happened To My Grandma Happen To Yours

After posting the photos of me and my grandmas, I thought I'd share this story with you. My maternal grandma passed away last June. She was 90. Ok, so may be some of you who have been following this blog for quite some time have known the fact.

I haven't been able to talk about it because it still pains me to recount the reasons of her passing, which I find ridiculous. My parents and M's siblings have no knowledge on medical terms, so they let the doctors did everything without realizing that things could have been prevented. So I'm writing this post because what happened to Grandma should not happen to anyone's grandmother. 

Here's the story: Grandma fell off a becak (tricycle pedicab) and hurt her arm. On June 20, my uncle who lived with her admitted her to a hospital (I would not mention the name of the hospital, although anyone would have guessed it because Kebumen is a small city and does not have many hospitals). Grandma was hospitalized between June 20 and June 25. 

During her stay, the doctors found that she broke the bone between her wrist and elbow. The doctors decided to wrap her arm in cast, scheduled on June 25. Grandma was doing well during the hospital stay as she talked and cracked jokes with M and my uncles and aunties. Seeing that Grandma was well, M returned to Jakarta and left everything to her brothers.

On June 25 noon, the doctors rolled her to the operation room. Grandma was also told to fast 12 hours before the casting. I already felt suspicious when I heard it from M.Why did you put on the cast in an operation room and tell Grandma to fast? Casting is not some kind of operation or surgery that require fasting.

Three hours later, the hospital told my uncles that Grandma was in the ICU room and went into coma. It turned out that they gave her a total anesthetic to put the cast on! And nobody told M or her brothers that they would sedate her!

M went to Kebumen as soon as the news broke. And so did other uncles. I was going to depart for Kebumen on Friday night, but Grandma passed away on Wednesday, June 27 at around 9:45 a.m.

I told the story to BEE and he said,"I don't think you should give a total anesthetic to the elderly people because their heart may not be strong enough to hold the effect. It will look like euthanasia."

He also told me about his grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 60 years old. Considering her age, the doctor was against the operation and advised the family to let her have peaceful moments for her last days. 

I told M&D about BEE's comment and they both realized that they could prevent it. I mean we understand that life and death are already in Allah's plans for us so if Grandma should passed away on June 27 it would happen without the total anesthetic. But we regretted that Grandma lost her conscious before she passed away. She only broke her arm, she could have spend her last moments reciting Al Qur'an or at least talking to my uncles.

We also questioned the hospital's SOP that did not tell us about the total anesthetic and that it took them three hours to tell us that Grandma went into coma in the operation room. We have asked the hospital and even sent letter to newspapers about the incident. We didn't get the explanation we needed. Is it some kind of malpractice?

If you have relatives aged above 50-60 years old and should undergo treatments that include operation and anesthetic, I think you should look for second opinion and medication alternative.

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