Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Was The Year Of Living Gratefully:)

Running for the wave in Sempu island

Oh hello there, today is Dec. 31 which means it's time for the end-of-year long post! *Woot woot* How was 2012 for you? 

To be honest, I started this year with a feeling of disdain as the office transferred me to a division most people look down. But guess what, people? The transfer gave me some life lessons and best moments this year.

First of all, I learned to be humble. In the end, it's not where you work that counts, but it's what you do. For the first time, I work with an expatriate, to be precise: a Briton. Despite the rough first two-month adjustment period, we all got along quite well

Another thing I learned this year is to take the decision, either on professional space or personal life. Life is an adventure, don't worry about where you are, just enjoy your journey and make the most of your time.

On a lighter note, the transfer gave me the most precious thing : the time (oh the luxury of time!) to be there with my parents, take holidays, meet-up with my friends, snap more pictures and do other things I could not do in the previous years.

Here are a handful of memorable moments this year:
-- I got my Advance diver certificate. Next diving plan: Great Barrier Reef! (Dream first, go later:D)
-- I went to Kebumen to visit my maternal grandma in March. Seeing her healthy and talkative, I've never thought that it would be the last time I saw her. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there for her funeral in June. My prays and thoughts are always with you, my dear Grandma.
-- I got free tickets to Java Jazz 2012. It was a last-minute gift, but I still had good times.
-- I baked some cake :). I probably got the baking talent from my paternal grandma. She's also very talented in sewing, I should give sewing a try next year.
-- I snorkeled the northern Central Java sea in Karimun Jawa islands with Cousine Dina and her colleagues. It was a fun trip!
-- I went to the other UK in an effort to catch a glimpse of the Javan rhinoceros in Ujung Kulon National Park in late April with my journo friend Windy, my uni friend Aneen and four other new friends I met during the backpacking trip. We didn't meet any rhinos, but we did see some baby pythons.
-- I learned to take photos in low-light condition. The pictures do not always come out beautifully, but the learning process is something I would not miss.
-- Going to Ukraine to see the festivities during Euro 2012 and meeting many interesting people are definitely something that will stick in my head for quite some time.
-- I climbed Mt. Bromo and had my first whitewater rafting experience, then I camped+trekked in Sempu island
-- I took M to have her first facial experience. Haven't got a chance to blog about it, but it was both fun and hilarious:).
-- Finally got the guts to send applications for scholarships and jobs. After six years of working in the same office, going for a job interview felt a bit weird. While I didn't got the job, it's a good moment to sharpen up my job interview skills :).

Not bad for a 32-year-old, eh? I wouldn't be able to make it without my friends and you, yes you who are reading this right now. Thank you so much my dear friends and readers for visiting this space, leaving sweet comments and giving me the supports when I felt the least motivated. Here's hoping for more beautiful moments in 2013! Cheers!

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