Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Playground

The name and the interior may have people assuming it is yet another designated children’s area, but The Playground is a restaurant serving foods that provide an adult challenge for diners. 

Located at Plaza Indonesia’s fourth floor, the restaurant has swings sturdy enough for two. That is only the first hint of the playful twists and turns that lie in store.

The restaurant serves inter-continental fusion foods with a heaping dose of creativity. Be ready to be surprised with the dishes’ names and presentation. Instead of the usual appetizer-main course-dessert dishes on a menu, it boasts unique names, such as 0-legged (fishes), 2-legged (chicken), 4-legged (beef ) and dogs (chili dogs and hot dogs). Salads are in the “Children’s Enemy” section, while comfort food like Peanut Butter Jelly and Macaroni and Cheese are given the cheeky name “When Mom’s Away”.

The Bully Ice Tea

Autopsy Burger, a towering 13-layer burger, served with three types of cooked potatoes: roasted potato, potato chips and French fries. One of the layers is the cheese bomb, a patty of mushroom and melted cheese that explodes when being cut. Instead of the usual eating utensils, the burger comes with a pair of tongs to “dissect” all its elements

Insanity Rice, which take inspiration from the usually very spicy and red-colored street side fried rice dish nasi gila (literally meaning crazy rice). The Playground ups the ante by creating a tri-colored fried rice of red, yellow and green

 Ping! My Nachos, a local twist on the Tex- Mex dish with the use of emping crackers instead of corn chips
Mimi Cucu is a feast for the senses. Made from soybean milk, Bailey’s and rum, the beverage is served in a baby’s bottle, complete with pacifier-shaped candy that customers can take home. Since I don't drink, they omitted the alcohol.

The restaurant also has several tin toys on display. I like tin toys :)

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