Thursday, September 13, 2012

Talking About Age

While I'll be a year older by the end of this year, I've never felt worry about my age or how I look. Ignorance is bliss, indeed. I should start taking care of my health, though, such as doing one-hour jogging or consuming more vegetables and fruits. Or I'll be having the following conversations 12 years from now.

#1. Don't Dig Your Own Grave
Situation: My boss (BEE) showed us a photo of the office's news room back in the 1990. He was in the picture along with other editors (now senior editors).
Jac   : Oh my God, you looked so handsome back then!
BEE : What do you mean 'back then'?
Jac   : Um, I mean you looked different. But different in a good meaning. I mean...
BEE : Did I look better then? (then turns his face on Fem and I) She's digging her own grave.

#2. Bad At Math
Me   : So when was the picture taken?
BEE : Twenty two years ago, if I'm not mistaken.
Me   : How old were you?
BEE : Twenty two years old. Now I'm 32 years old, of course.
Me   : You're bad at math, boss.
BEE : I know.

#3. Anti-aging
BEE : Hey, I got this anti-aging product. Would you like to have it?
Me   : So you think I need the product? Why?
BEE : You're very sensitive, you know.
Me   : Yes, I learn from the expert. Thank you for the product.

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