Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Woman, A Backpack, Thirteen Days

My faithful backpack. See that cabin tag? :)

I've read a lot of articles about the fun side of traveling light, such as no need to wait for the luggage. So when I piled my stuffs to pack, I decided to give it a try. Since I was going to the northern hemisphere during spring-summer, the weather would be (usually) sunny and dry. To anticipate torrential rain, I brought my green Satcas waterproof jacket with me. Here are the things I brought to Ukraine:

-- three T-shirts : black (wore it on the airplane), white, grey
-- three trousers : cargo (wore it), black (business look) and blue (for sport/sleep)
-- one knee-length gray dress
-- four headscarves: green (wore it), white, reversible black-white pattern and black, gray 
-- five undies, bras (the kind of textile that can dry overnight)
-- three pairs of socks
-- foods: Beng-Beng chocolate bars, Silverqueen, MiGelas
-- souvenirs for my friend and her family
-- one pair of shoes: Kickers 

And here are the combinations I made.
Yours truly :)

It's true that bringing only cabin luggage will make you be the first to leave the airport. I only needed 10-15 minutes to pass the immigration check. After 14-hour flight and 12-hour layover, the last thing I wanted to do was waiting for my luggage and then queueing for the immigration check. I got a sponsor in Kiev and the steely blue-eyed immigration officer still took a long time to let me pass. 

Other benefits from taking one cabin luggage are >> (1) You can refrain yourself from excessive shopping, because hey, how are you going to fit those stuffs into your backpack? (2) Being on a shopping freeze means you can focus on the trip, the scenery, the people (3) You learn to be creative in mixing and matching your outfits (4) Since you only bring several items, you'll remember if you lose one of them (5) It makes you realize that you only need the essentials.

There are many websites about packing light, but the one I regularly read was Pack Lite.

Recently found a video titled The Art of Packing from Louis Vuitton, which made me wanting an LV cabin luggage. Hahaha.

Do you travel light? I'd like to hear your experiences!

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