Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ukrainian Traditional Clothes

I love love love Ukrainian traditional clothes. Unfortunately it is very expensive. In Andriyivsky uzviz, the price was never below 500 UAH for a very simple embroidered clothes. I saw the most beautiful hand embroidered ones in Lviv for 2,000 UAH! Argh. I didn't buy it. But it didn't mean I stopped taking pictures of people wearing it. So here they are, hope you like them :)

Seen in Andriyivsky uzviz. This is definitely priced more than 500 UAH (T-T)

Photographed in Mariyinsky Park

Also in Mariyinsky Park, during Euro Pisenny Vernissage

Still in Mariyinsky Park

Spotted in the Euro Cup Fanzone, Kiev

Also in Fanzone

Snapped in Lviv

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